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    - you are ONLY REGISTERED FOR AN EXAM DATE on receipt of your payment, payment must be received before the registration deadline or late entry fees will be incurred

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    I am the parent/legal guardian of the candidate named on this form and the candidate and I give consent to this person taking the Cambridge ESOL exam.

    I understand that all individuals who want to take Cambridge ESOL exam are required to agree to all of the Terms and Conditions as mentioned on the Cambridge ESOL website.

    I confirm that I have carefully reviewed the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to, the provision of a valid photo ID for the exam day and that a photo will be taken of the candidate on the day of the test and will be stored on Cambridge ESOL’s secure Results Verification website. I understand and accept that the photo shall only be available to organisations/individuals that the candidate gives their details to. I consent that these organisations/individuals can use these details to verify the candidate’s examination result.

    By signing this form, I consent to and agree that the candidate listed on this form will comply with all the Terms and Conditions of the Cambridge ESOL exam at this centre.

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