CLIL Teacher Training Programme  

The CLIL (content and language integrated learning) programme is suitable for teachers working in both primary and secondary sectors who need to teach their subject through the medium of English. The course is tailor-made to the professional areas of the teachers, whether these are academic or vocational, e.g. Geography, History, Design, Fashion, Beauty, Sports, Carpentry etc. The programme offers insights and skills training into how their teaching methods can be practically adapted to their classroom.

Common to all BLTC CLIL courses are 4 key foundational aspects:

  1. Aims and objectives of CLIL – how to approach the strategies.
  2. CLIL in practice – how the teacher can adapt teaching methods.
  3. Classroom management – comprehension and clarification of message.
  4. Micro-teaching – practical best-practice teaching with feedback.

Tailor-made group courses can be arranged at your school or at BLTC.