Dutch Courses In Company

BLTC designs Dutch courses for groups and individuals which can be given in company. These courses can be at all levels from beginner to advanced and also based on specific requirements.

Study sessions can focus on:

  • Participating actively in meetings.
  • Giving a presentation.
  • Telephone communication.
  • Writing reports and emails.

Our “in-company” language packages include:

  • Level testing of all participants and individual interviews.
  • A course programme with realistic goals.
  • Ongoing assessment of participant progress throughout the course.
  • Regular review of course goals.
  • End of course evaluation with participants receiving BLTC certificates and informative final assessment reports.
  • Recommendations for follow-up learning.

Popular Dutch Programmes 

Dutch for beginners
Introduction to Dutch: basic grammar and all four skills, plus rapid acquisition of vocabulary items.

Dutch for intermediates 
Consolidation & development of language skills.

Dutch for advanced 

All four skills are practised along with more demanding functional language, vocabulary & idiomatic expressions and grammatical structures.

Dutch Fluency 

Maintenance & development programmes, centred around speaking and communication.

Dutch NT2

Fast-paced exam training for the Dutch State exam ‘Nederlands als tweede taal’