British Language Training Centre English courses 

Do you wish to improve your English? We can help! With 40 years of experience, BLTC provides effective communicative General English courses at its centre in the heart of Amsterdam and in schools and businesses throughout the Netherlands. Take a free level check and speak with our teachers for advice.

Basic courses – English 1, 2 & 3

These courses introduce students to the basic structures of English and develop the full range of communication skills in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. They provide extensive practice of structures and aim to quickly boost essential vocabulary for practical communication and socilising. Functional everyday language is developed and practised.

Intermediate courses – English 4 & 5

These courses build up and consolidate the language skills of students who already have a basic knowledge of English. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on the student’s ability to understand and produce spoken English. Course contents include grammar practice, vocabulary building, socialising, role-play, discussion, and task listening.

Review B2

This course reviews grammatical structures, communications skills, and extends vocabulary and idiom. It bridges the gap between intermediate and more advanced levels and provides ample opportunity for practising and activating language. Looking for Cambridge First?

Advanced C1

This is a revision and extension course for people who want to break through the difficult ‘intermediate plateau’ of learning and go on to achieve real fluency. It concentrates on both speaking & grammar, vocabulary extension, and writing skills. Looking for Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency?

Fluency Courses B2-C1

These courses develop the student’s ability to understand and use spoken English. Particular attention is paid to converting passive knowledge into active command. Each course is tailored to meet the special needs and interests of the group.

My experience was really reeeeally good. Everyone close to me has noticed that my English level has improved!) Thank you to my teacher because she made the process very fun and comfortable!

Iulia, English 5