General Intake Test English

Choose the correct answer and mark it on the answer sheet. Only ONE answer per question is correct.

Please complete the test in maximum 30 minutes without reference books.

Please fill in your details for later reference. We will contact you when we evaluated the results.

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Mary is English, but Peter isn’t, he is German.

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Bob is older than John, but younger than Elisabeth.

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The students are looking for their files.

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John can’t go to the meeting tomorrow.

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Your boss wants you to go home.

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The girl was told not to answer the telephone.

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John and Maggie write to each other every month.

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Lucy should arrive at the office earlier.

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My brother hardly works at all.

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I was supposed to see the doctor this morning.

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My neighbour has lived about 100 years.

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Shall I ask Mr. Smith to come in?

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Mr and Mrs Black remembered to lock the door before leaving.

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Bob had his car cleaned yesterday.

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Eva would rather drink coffee.

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Either bus goes to Dam Square.

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If it had been sunny yesterday, I’d have played tennis.

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Jack doesn’t have to work today.

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Susan couldn’t have passed the test.

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Had I not seen George, I would never have known he was here in Amsterdam.

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Read the following phone conversation and type in the missing words from the options below.

“Hello, Mary! It’s John! I you before now, but I so hard at the office that I didn’t have the time. My boss on holiday tomorrow and she arrange everything before she . If she had given me sensible instructions I could have done the work next week. But you the same problems with your boss. Anyway, two tickets for the new play at the Grand Theatre on Saturday. and see it together?”
“Oh John! I’m terribly sorry. I hate to , but I’m .”

must have rung
had to ring
should have rung
ought to ring

must work
have had to work
must have worked
ought to work

is going
will go
shall go
shall be going

wants me to
wants that I
would like that I
would that I

shall leave
will leave
is leaving

must have
have to have
can have
ought to have

they have been given to me
I have been given
I am given
they are given to me

May we go
Do you like to go
Shall we go
Will we go.

drop you down
bring you down
let you down
let you drop

taken up on Saturday
booked over on Saturday
tied up on Saturday
arranged on Saturday

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