Group Courses Registration & payment conditions at BLTC

By registering for a group course at BLTC you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Payment – Full payment of the course must be made before the course starts.         
    1. Payment at point of registration with PIN card or cash. Online registration, bank transfer. Places cannot be reserved without payment.
    2. If your employer is paying your course fee, we can send an invoice directly to them. You must provide us with written permission from your employer and provide the correct invoicing address and details. If you do not have written permission from your employer with you when you come to register, then you may pay the registration fee yourself (PIN card or cash) and we will provide you with an official receipt which you can give to your employer who can reimburse you directly.
    3. Cancellation: It is not possible to cancel your course once the course has started even if you do not attend the lessons. This also applies to students who, for whatever reason, are only in the Netherlands on a temporary basis. Cancellation for other commitments, even if these were not known at the time of registration, is not possible There is a reconsideration period allowing you to cancel 14 days after registering without incurring any fees. If you cancel your course after this period and before your course starts an administration fee of 55 euros will be deducted from your course fee.
    4. Changing class is only possible within the first two weeks (lessons) after the start of the course, provided there is place in the group that the student wishes to move to and only after consultation with the teacher and the course director.
    5. It is not possible to transfer the registration of a language course to the next semester or to private lessons or to another student.
    6. All administrative questions should be directed to the BLTC office in writing (either letter or email) and not to the teachers.
    7. BLTC reserves the right to cancel courses should there not be enough participants. We will do our best to provide a suitable alternative in a group where places are available. If there is no suitable alternative then BLTC will refund the course fee in full.
    8. BLTC reserves the right to take photos of students taking part in language courses at BLTC for promotional purposes. If not in agreement students should tell the teacher beforehand.
    9. Confidentiality: All client information provided to BLTC is strictly confidential and will not be provided to third parties.
    10.  Children and babies may not be brought to the lessons or left unattended on BLTC premises at any time.
    11. BLTC is unable to assist in finding accommodation or arranging visas.
  2. Complaints procedure 
    Customer satisfaction and providing students with quality courses is central to BLTC. Right from the start we engage with our students and assess their levels and the suitability of the courses they wish to attend. During the course students are encouraged to give feedback to gauge their ongoing satisfaction and progress. If there is a problem the quickest way of solving this is to talk to our Assistant Director of studies. However, in the unlikely event of a complaint the procedure at BLTC is as follows:
    1. Please send an email to the Director of Studies at BLTC. Your complaint will be registered and we will contact you to discuss, in detail, the nature of your complaint.
    2. BLTC will then investigate the complaint in full and will send you an email with the outcome and solution within 14 days.  (Should this process take longer than 14 days, BLTC will keep you informed each week of its progress).
    3. In the case where a student does not agree with the outcome, the complaint will be forwarded to an independent adjudicator, Martha Harel ( The judgment of the adjudicator is binding for BLTC and action will be taken within 4 weeks.
    4. Records of complaints will be placed on file for 2 years.
    5. Any complaints received are handled with strict confidentiality.
    6. All complaints must be in writing.

For more information about British Language Training Centre’s terms and conditions, download the terms and conditions (Pdf).