Linguaskill is a modular online test which assesses all four language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. This gives you choice about the skills you want to assess.

General or Business 

Linguaskill is available as two options, General and Business. This gives you the ability to choose the sort of language that will be tested, based on your objectives. 

Linguaskill General

Linguaskill General tests language used in daily life, making it ideal for university admission or exit, and recruitment for roles in a non-business-specific environment. For example, where the employee needs strong English skills to perform their role effectively, but will not need specialist business terminology.

This makes the test suitable for a broad spectrum of organisations. Test topics include studying and working, making future plans, travel and technology.

Linguaskill Business

Linguaskill Business tests English used in a business and corporate setting, and is most suitable for recruitment in organisations where employees are expected to be familiar with the language of business.

It is suitable for large or small organisations, which may be operating on an international level. Test topics include the buying and selling of products or services, the office, business travel and human resources.

On-location or at-home

You can choose to sit the Linguaskill test either on location in Amsterdam or at home via proctoring service.


An on-site test is fully supervised and carried out only at our test centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands under secure exam conditions. 


Remote proctoring replaces the role of an on-site invigilator and uses video/image data, audio and event logs to monitor you as you take the test. 

All you need to take a proctored test is a computer system (laptop or desktop) with a working webcam and external microphone/ headphones, along with a stable internet connection.



All Linguaskill tests are monitored for potential malpractice. Malpractice constitutes any attempt to breach test security and obtain a fraudulent result that is not a true reflection of your level of English. Linguaskill tests will be reviewed after the test event and if you are seen to have engaged in fraudulent activity, you will receive a score of zero for your test and you will not be able to access your results. Note that all videos of proctoring sessions will be deleted after a period of 6 months.

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