To take the Linguaskill exam, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose desired test

Determine the test type and format you prefer. You can choose between Linguaskill General or Linguaskill Business, and two formats: Linguaskill on-site or Linguaskill via proctor.

Step 2: Contact test centre

Get in touch with the Linguaskill administrator by emailing Inform them of your desired test and they will provide you with available dates for on-site tests or guide you through the procedure for a proctored test. You will also receive an application form to confirm your test type, format, and preferred exam date.

Step 3: Payment

Make the payment for the test fee within two days of registering online. You can choose one of two payment methods:

A. Bank transfer: Transfer the fee to British Language Training Centre, ABN AMRO, using the provided BIC and IBAN. Include "Linguaskill for [your name] & telephone number" as the payment reference.

B. PIN or cash at BLTC: Visit BLTC during office hours to pay in person after registering online.


Please note that credit cards and 'acceptgiro' are not accepted, and any bank charges the responsibility of the applicant.

Invoices cannot be issued, but a receipt can be provided.

It's important to complete the payment at least five days before your exam date.

Step 4: Confirmation of Entry

The Linguaskill administrator will send you an email containing all relevant information regarding your test.

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