Learn Dutch in Amsterdam

The BLTC Dutch Department takes full advantage of the fact that its students are learning the language in the country in which it is spoken. Courses are given entirely in Dutch by highly qualified, native-speaker teachers. Our courses are student focused, engaging and fun. We combine language and culture.

Programmes run at 6 different levels and are from beginner to advanced and range from spoken fluency courses to NT2 examination programmes. Our method of teaching is highly practical, communicative and interactive . Up-to-date classroom technology is used to motivate students to use Dutch in real contexts.

Day and Evening Dutch Courses

These Dutch courses begin in January, May, and September and require weekly attendance (2.5 hours per week for 10 or 12 weeks. Weekly attendance provides our students with the opportunity to practise using their new language regularly. Class sizes are small.

Beginner Dutch Courses - Intensive 

BLTC also runs 1 week intensive courses for beginners who wish to have a fast start in the Dutch Language. We also provide in-company Dutch courses for groups and individuals with more specific requirements. Indeed our 1-1 programmes are highly prized for their effectiveness.

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