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Our Business English courses are designed to meet the specialised and varied needs of our clients. Knowing the right kind of language for business in today’s market is crucial and can give you the edge in international work environments. We have a number of options to choose from.

Our programmes are practical, relevant and goal-orientated. Our dedicated Business English trainers will push you to achieve the best results. Our Business English courses can be given in-company or at our centre.

At our centre we organise group courses for Business Fluency as well as the popular Cambridge Business English Examination course several times per year. Our Intensive 1-week executive course caters to professionals who wish to upgrade their English fast. If you have specific requirements or need more flexibility our personalised learning programmes can be customised to suit you.

Our approach to teaching

We design high-impact language training programmes targeting specific needs and deliver them to fit your schedule. Our programmes are practical, relevant and goal-oriented. They exploit task-based learning, role-plays and simulations with structured input and personalized feedback to maximise progress and achievement. We can create business language training for the language you need, the sector you work in and the goals you want to achieve.

Business Fluency

These courses provide the student with the skills required for competent and effective communication in business. The emphasis in the course is on spoken communication in practical situations. Included in all programmes are sessions dealing with such areas as English for Meetings & Negotiations, English for Presentations and Telephoning in English.


Business fluency B (Upper-Intermediate) B2 plus 

Business fluency C (Advanced) C1/C2

Business 1 (Vantage) & 2 (Higher)

These courses are designed for people who wish to refresh and develop their Business English for more effective and confident communication. Both courses are aimed at improving all four language skills - speaking, writing, listening and reading - in international work environments.

Course contents

  • Building sophisticated vocabulary
  • Development of key grammatical structures
  • Problem-solving discussions
  • Telephoning & meetings
  • Functional language and appropriacy
  • Emailing & reporting
  • Practice writing for homework


Business 1 (Upper-Intermediate) B2 plus 

Business 2 (Advanced) C1/C2

Cambridge Business English Certificates

These courses prepare participants for the University of Cambridge BEC examinations. They are designed to cover the main topic and skills areas required by people working in a modern business environment. Topic focus areas are selected to match the needs of participants but normally include fields such as human resources, management, customer relations, finance, technology, and innovation and marketing. All four language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - are integrated to provide lively, stimulating and comprehensive classroom work. Emphasis is placed on both fluency and grammatical accuracy.

Sample activities

  • Speaking: Telephoning, presenting, negotiating, explaining procedures
  • Listening: Vocabulary development, note-taking, comprehension and interpretation tasks using specially designed (semi) authentic listening materials.

  • Reading: Analysis of a wide variety of authentic and current business texts including reports, articles and company documentation literature.

  • Writing: Emails, letters, short reports and proposals.


Business 1 (Upper-Intermediate) B2 plus 

Business 2 (Advanced) C1/C2

More information about the Cambridge Business Certificates Bec Higher and Bec Vantage 


Business Writing 

This course provides students with the skills for effective written communication in English. The course develops your grammar, vocabulary and choice of language to enable you to write professional business documents in a variety of genres. 

Course content:

  • Emails and Business letters 
  • Reports and proposals
  • Executive summaries
  • CV and cover letters
  • Stylistic features and appropriate tone


Advanced - B2 / C1

Business English

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Thanks to this training I've improved my business English, it helped me to feel more comfortable when presenting.  

Furthermore, the flexibility and quality of the trainer really stood out.

Annee, Amsterdam
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