Q: Where can I find details about my test day?
A: You can find all relevant information about an IELTS test day here.

Q: Can I reschedule my test?
If you want to transfer to a different test date, please send us an email stating your name, IELTS reference number, and your new preferred test date by email. We will tell you if this is a possibility regarding the IELTS regulations. 

Q: I want to cancel my IELTS test.
We are only able to cancel registrations when they are more than 5 weeks from the test date with an administrative fee of 40 euro. If you want to cancel, please send us your IELTS reference number and bank details, and we will provide you with a refund, minus the administrative fee. If your test was cancelled because of COVID-19, please send us an email and we will inform you of the possibilities of cancelling or rescheduling your test.

Q: My test date says ‘CLOSED’ on the website.
This means that we cannot accept more registrations for this test date. 'CLOSED’ does not mean that your test is cancelled.

Q: Is IELTS on computer online?
 No. IELTS on computer is not an online ‘indicator’ but a fully valid IELTS test and takes place at the test centre in Amsterdam under secure conditions.

Q: I cannot log in to my IELTS on computer account.
You will have to create your own IELTS on computer account and create a password for this. Afterwards, you are able to register for  IELTS on computer test dates. If you have lost your password, please create a new account.

Q: Can I register for multiple IELTS on computer tests?
Yes. You need to pay the entry fee for every test separately within two days of registering.

Q: I haven't received a confirmation email after registering for the IELTS exam. Is this normal?

A: After your payment, the email you receive confirming both your payment and test date may take up to 3 days to be sent to you - perhaps longer if you pay before a weekend. Do not worry about this, we need to manually check the ID document you uploaded when you registered and paid in order to ensure that all your personal information is correct in our system.

Q: I cannot upload my ID document during my registration
 For a IELTS on paper session, please try to upload your ID document in a .jpeg format, and make the file smaller than 300x300 pixels. If this does not work, please send us a scan of your ID by email at For a IELTS on computer session, please send us a scan of your ID by email at

Q: What are the advantages of IELTS on computer?
IELTS on computer provides you with more test date options and faster results. Results are online in 3-5 calendar days. 

Q: Is there a difference between IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer?
Both versions test Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, and are the same in terms of content, scoring, level of difficulty, and security. Please note that Speaking tests for both IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer are carried out face to face with a trained IELTS Examiner.

Q: Should I take IELTS on paper or computer?
This is a personal preference. You may be used to taking exams on paper, whereas other people might feel more comfortable writing on a computer or have more experience taking tests on a computer. Both formats are the same in terms of content, scoring, level of difficulty, and security.

Q: What kind of keyboards are used for IELTS on computer?

A: All our keyboards are QWERTY keyboards.

Q: When do I get my results?
 For IELTS on computer, results are available online between 3-5 calendar days after the test has been completed. For IELTS on paper, results are available online 13 calendar days after the test has been completed. For both tests, certificates will be mailed out in the post on the day the results are available online.

Q: Are partial resits possible?

A: Even if you are only unhappy with the result of one component, partial resists are not possible. If you want to retake the test, you will have to take the complete test again.

Q: Can I view feedback about my IELTS results?

A: Due to IELTS regulations it is not possible to view feedback on your IELTS test once results have been released. Please refer to the terms and conditions you agreed to when you registered for your IELTS exam.

Q: Is IELTS on computer harder than IELTS on paper?
No. The test will be the same as IELTS on paper in terms of content, scoring, level of difficulty, question types, security, and validity. The IELTS on computer test is only available at our test centre in Amsterdam.

Q: What practice materials are available?
Please view the practice material available here, which gives you an introduction to IELTS on computer and how it works.

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