Summer Intensive English Courses 

Learn English this summer in the heart of Amsterdam 

The British Language Training Centre offers two-week intensive English courses at all levels throughout July and August every year. Lessons are practical and interactive, and our teachers are all highly skilled and experienced native speakers. The courses are designed to maximise your English in a short period of time. 

Study English in an international environment - All levels

Your group will consist of students from all over the world and only English is used in the classroom. Amsterdam is an international city where English is widely spoken, giving you the opportunity to practise your English both in and out of the classroom.


  • To use English more effectively for practical communication when speaking and writing.
  • To improve, develop and use grammatical structures when speaking.
  • To boost your vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.
  • To provide you with functional expressions for more choice and variety.
  • To provide you with extensive practice and feedback.
  • To develop reading and listening skills.



This is a pre-intermediate course designed for students at A2 level. It develops students’ knowledge of basic grammatical structures and promotes effective and confident communication in English. Practice is given in speaking, listening, reading and writing in authentic contexts.

Intermediate (B1)

This is an intermediate course designed for students at B1 level. It provides comprehensive revision of important grammatical structures and extends vocabulary for more effective communication.  Practice is given in speaking, listening, reading and writing in authentic contexts.

Intermediate 2 (B2)

This is an upper-intermediate course designed to consolidate students’ knowledge at B2 level. It reviews the more complex structures of English, widens student’s use of vocabulary and idiom and develops fluent and accurate communication skills in a wide variety of situations. Extensive practice is given in speaking, listening, reading and writing in authentic and challenging contexts.

Advanced (C1)

This course develops English communication skills at a high level and is designed to take students to a C1 level. It covers the more complex grammatical structures of English and provides extensive practice of their use in communicative contexts. Students gain command of different styles of speaking, develop varieties of vocabulary and gain confidence in expressing abstract ideas.

The course is centred on:

  • Extensive speaking practice
  • Review of grammar
  • Active use of language expressions
  • Creative build-up of vocabulary & idiom
  • Understanding listening and reading texts
  • Written assignments


Timetables for Summer Courses

  • Cambridge English