IELTS Test Day AM Sessions

You must be present at the test centre on the test day between 08.15 – 08.45 to register. The test begins at 09.00 and the test day ends by 18.00.

If you fail to produce the required ID you will not be allowed into the test room and will lose your test fee.

Delayed/too late?

Phone BLTC immediately: +31 20 622 3634

Test day schedule

  • Listening (40 minutes), Reading (60 minutes) and Writing (60 minutes) tests are in the morning between 9.00 - 12.30. Please note, in the Netherlands, the Listening test is conducted with loud speakers, not individual headphones. There are no breaks between these test parts.
  • Speaking test interviews (20 minutes) are scheduled in the afternoon between 13:00 - 18:00. At 12.30 on the day of the test, you will know the time of your Speaking test. Please make sure you are available for the Speaking test the entire afternoon.

Due to new COVID-19 regulations in Amsterdam, we kindly ask you to wear a face mask in all public areas at our test centre.  Our centre does not provide face masks, so please bring your own. You will be allowed to take off your mask only when you sit down at your designated desk for your IELTS exam.

Test centres require you to show proof of COVID vaccination or recovery. Proof is either a QR code or paper document. 

You may bring a water bottle and your ID/passport into the test room. The water bottle must be transparent and should not have a label. Masks and hand sanitizers are allowed in the test room. Please bring your own pencils with you. If you wish to use earplugs please bring your own.

Personal belongings are not allowed inside the test room. This includes watches, coats, bags, mobile phones, other electronic devices etc. You will be able to store these in a cloakroom, which will be secure throughout the test. 

Important notice: On your test day, you must bring the same ID document you used to register with online. If you bring a different ID document with you on the test day, you will not be allowed to take the test


IELTS Test day PM Sessions

If you registered for a PM Session, please be present at least 20 minutes before your Speaking test. 

The Speaking test interviews are in the morning between 9.00 and 12.20. Listening, Reading, and Writing tests are scheduled on the same day in the afternoon between 13.00 - 16.30.

Currently, we only offer PM sessions for IELTS on computer.

A new passport?

If you receive a new passport – and therefore have a new passport number – after registering for the test with the old passport, you need to send an email to the IELTS department immediately. You cannot take the test with an out-of-date passport number. 

Driving licenses are not accepted.

COVID regulations from 25 September


COVID vaccination or recovery certificate required on test days (QR code or paper document)

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