July - August  Semi-Intensive Dutch Courses 

Netherlands 1 - Beginners Dutch in 6 weeks!

These six-week semi-intensive beginner Dutch courses aim to quickly develop your language level in a fun communicative method. 24 hours of contact training, consisting of 2 lessons of two hours per week and 26 hours of guided study. You can choose either face-to-face evening lessons at The British Language Training Centre Amsterdam, or online via our virtual classroom. 

With a maximum of 10 participants per group, our courses promote the rapid development of key language skills, providing students with the tools they need to adapt to living and working in the Netherlands. Our beginner Dutch courses are given by professional Dutch teachers.

Emphasis is on introducing practical language, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through extensive practice in day-to-day situations. Throughout the course, priority is given to understanding and producing basic spoken Dutch. Sign up now and learn Dutch fast. 

Hours: 6 weeks - 24h hours (+26 hours guided study)

Times: 10.00-12.00 online  or 18.00-20.00 face to face 

Level: A1 - A2

Price: €375

Dates: 6th July - 14th August 


Face to face Dutch courses  - 8 weeks

These 8-week short courses are at three levels, Netherlands 1, 2 & 3. The Dutch courses are given by professional Dutch teachers. These courses aim to provide a thorough basic knowledge of the language. These levels introduce the language and all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There is also a fast build-up of essential vocabulary. It is a relatively intensive programme which will enable students to communicate in everyday situations within a short period of time.

Hours: 8 weeks - 20h hours (+26 hours guided study)

Times: 18.00-20.30

NL1:  A1 - A2

NL2: A2-B1

NL3: B1-B2

Price: €375

Dates: 13th July - 3rd September 

Dutch Timetables

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