Language Tutors for Younger Learners 

These courses aim to boost the English language level of secondary school students that may have been affected by school closures and disruptions this academic year.  Our experienced tutors provide extra support to guide and motivate young learners to achieve the learning objectives. Our tutors can also provide subject specific support for students who are learning in a TTO or CLIL academic setting. 

Communicative and Motivating 

The lessons are designed to not only help students catch up, but also to motivate learners to engage with the English language through fun communicative tasks and relevant subjects. The class size is small to ensure fast and effective improvement. One-to-one or private group tutoring with classmates can also be arranged. 

Prepare for an Exam 

As a Cambridge and IELTS exam centre, students can also aim towards an internationally recognised English Qualification. Offering exams from intermediate to proficient level, including the Cambridge ‘for schools range.' We remain open for exams despite school closures and ensure a COVID 19 safe environment. 

You can choose either face-to-face at The British Language Training Centre Amsterdam, or online via our virtual classroom. The timetable, lesson times and length can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Find out more 

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