Improve your Business English 

Improve your Business English with the help of BLTC. We offer bespoke programmes for busy professionals. Our Business English courses are designed for people who wish to refresh and develop their Business English for more effective and confident communication. Our Business English courses can be given in-company or at our centre.

Business English course content:

  • Building sophisticated vocabulary
  • Development of key grammatical structures
  • Problem-solving discussions
  • Telephoning & meetings
  • Functional language and appropriacy
  • Emailing & reporting
  • Practice writing for homework


Business 1 (Upper-Intermediate) B2 plus  B2 Business Vantage 

Business 2 (Advanced) C1/C2  C1 Business Higher

Business Fluency Course 

These courses provide the student with the skills required for competent and effective communication in business. The emphasis in the course is on spoken communication in practical situations. Included in all programmes are sessions dealing with such areas as English for Meetings & Negotiations, English for Presentations and Telephoning in English.


(Advanced) C1/C2

Business Writing Course 

This course provides students with the skills for effective written communication in English. The course develops your grammar, vocabulary, and choice of language to enable you to write professional business documents in a variety of genres. 

Course content:

  • Emails and business letters 
  • Reports and proposals
  • Executive summaries
  • CV and cover letters
  • Stylistic features and appropriate tone


Advanced - B2 / C1

Business Skills One-month Intensive Course 

This one-month Business Skills intensive course aims to develop the skills required for competent and effective written and spoken communication in International business scenarios. Working with small groups, the course is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the participants.

(Max. 10 participants per group).

Key skills developed: 

  • English for presentations
  • Participating in meetings & negotiations
  • Telephoning skills
  • Email English
  • Effective report writing
  • Effective interviews
  • English for socialising


Advanced - B2 / C1


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