Our exams will take place in line with the COVID-19 government regulations in the Netherlands. We would like to inform you of the following procedures:

Distance and cleaning

For our test sessions, additional measures have been taken to help ensure the health, safety and well-being of our test takers and staff. We actively enforce the 1.5-metre rule.

All test venues are cleaned thoroughly prior, during and after the test date. All equipment and computers are cleaned between each test session.

You can bring hand sanitiser into the exam room if you wish. Hand sanitiser will also be provided in the building.

Face masks

Masks can be worn on the day (including during the speaking test). Please bring a mask with you if you wish to use one. We do not provide masks for candidates.

If you choose to wear a mask, you will be required to remove it during registration (photo-taking), ID checks and after any toilet breaks.

Invigilators may inspect face masks for any evidence of malpractice (e.g. notes). In this case, the invigilator will not handle your mask but will ask you to display it on both sides.

Speaking examiners and other venue staff may be wearing a facemask. Neither the candidate nor the examiner can insist that the other remove or put on a mask for the purpose of the Speaking test.

Test room

Our test rooms are set-up at a 1.5-metre distance.

Breaks in between the Reading, Writing and Listening tests will be held in the exam room to prevent movement. You are allowed to bring your belongings (including food items) into the exam room, but must put these under your desk during the exam. You can only access these during the breaks.

The only thing allowed on your desk during the test is a water bottle without any labels on it, your ID or passport, and your writing utensils.

Please make sure that you bring your own writing utensils. You must bring a pencil and a blue or black ballpoint pen. These are required for the different components of the test. Any other writing utensils that you wish to bring are allowed, except for correctional fluid and a pencil case. You are also allowed to bring earplugs.

Your phone and other electronic devices will need to be turned off completely. You will not be able to access these during the Reading, Writing and Listening part of the tests, nor during the breaks in between these components. You can use your electronic devices between the Listening test and the Speaking test.

Please do not attend a test if:

  • You have been in contact with any person suspected to have been exposed to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) or
  • You have a cold, fever, are short of breath or have flu-like symptoms

If any of the above applies to you, you will not be able to take the test. We will transfer you to a different test date without extra cost. Please email us at bltc@bltc.nl.

Thank you for understanding and take care!

  • Cambridge English